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Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

    Sylvan. I agree with Bungie, Personal attacks in a vitriolic way are self degrading.
    I know that plumbing, carried out in USA is different to that of Australia, but that dosn’t make American Plumbing wrong! This post is set up so that all can learn, one shouldnt be afraid to post, fearing a personal attack.
    I as well as you are feircly proud to be a fully Licensed Plumber, Drainer, Gasfitter. I have mentioned to you previously the merrits of a fully regulated industry, where unlicensed persons cannot interfere with any Plumbing.
    I cannot believe that American citizens are able or allowed to interfere with a community water or sewer system as a right. What about the other citizens right to have a safe water & waste system. Sylvan until you and your Master Plumbers are able to lobby to get a Regulated system you will continue to get 1000 deaths from incorrect gas hookups & cross connections between water & sewer.
    The water in Bowen is slightly acidic, it is high pressure, it has high TDS, Electrical earthing is questionable & undersizing could also be an issue, however copper does not last more than 12 months. Given the local conditions we are forced to use a alterrnate product ie Polybutylene, it may not last as long as copper in your area but it is the best we can do for our customers.
    Regards Bob

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