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    In reply to message posted by bungie:
    Personal attacks and defamation, does not show a professional approach, and that’s my
    where I’m getting annoyed here.
    I have a great deal of respect for your knowledge of the plumbing industry, but the way you
    talk down to people when they disagree with you is unbelievable. You have to remember that
    your postings here are into the world forum, not the local hardware store in the Bronx.
    People DON’T talk down to people they don’t like or think are stupid. If you don’t like a
    comment, then discuss it, don’t be condescending or out right rude. All that does it make you
    look silly in front of others.

    Hope you take this in the spirit it is written.


    Bob, I have no problem with the gentlemanly way you expressed yourself.
    I also never mind being corrected if I am wrong as this is how I learn.

    What I cannot stand is incompetence in a profession I do take very seriously.

    Imagine if you will a place full of really qualified craftsmen who took pride in learning their trade properly and went on to continue learning.

    When I see postings border line criminal it irks the hell out of me knowing that there are so many non skilled dabbling in a profession that can kill innocents if not taken seriously.

    Did you know over 1,000 people a year die in Alaska alone from carbon monoxide poisoning from faulty hook ups of hot water heaters?

    Did you know several children died recently from a cross connection of a potable water system and a sewer line?

    What we need is better policing of our industry with jail time given to these murders who install faulty systems.

    We need accountability real accountability not a slap on the hand type.

    How about those 4 men who raped an Australian and were given only 4 years jail time SUPPOSE it was the mother daughter or wife or sister of the judge do you think your Australian Government would impose such a light sentence?

    It appears more and more folks are getting away literally with murder as the liberals seem to look the other way.

    How many folks have to succumb to poor plumbing installations before we are allowed to say get the *********** out of the trades?

    I detest incompetence and always have.

    I will not tolerate shoddy work to be performed by my employees or on any job I am affiliated with.

    We can make a difference by rooting out the morons from dabbling in a great profession.

    Lets try to raise the standards again.

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