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In reply to message posted by bungie:
Copy and paste from front page of this bulletin board “New Announcement…
Please read this before posting or replying to messages on the Bulletin Boards….. Click Here!! “

The contents are as follows ……..

“Please read this before posting or replying to messages on the Bulletin Boards…
01 January 2002 – 01 December 2002
Posted by Moderator

As outlined in our notice on the Bulletin Board Index, our Bulletin Boards are provided to assist those seeking help and information about Plumbing, Drainage, Gasfitting and related issues.
Any posts that are considered offensive/slanderous or are an attack on other users, will be removed. Users engaging in such attacks may also have their posting privilages removed.

We have restricted replies to registered users only whilst anyone can create a topic.

This website is here to assist those looking for information and answers about our Plumbing industry. In order for us to succeed we require your cooperation.

Thank you,

Lorenzo, I Think the next step is self evident.


Bungie, Dont you think that if someone posts a question on this site they should be given the correct answer?

When someone second guesses a price given I think it is very unfair to say the price is too high as when I sdpoke to Gerry I found out your money is exactly 50% less then ours.

Every single contractor has their own bottom line pricing structure not that one is right or one is wrong.

When giving plumbing- gas fitting Or even drainage advice on here I think is imperative to quote from as many codes as possible

I do see a major problem in your “English” to ours especially in postings.

I know this list gives fantastic advice for those seeking “professional” opinions.

The problem is allowing the non knowing to give advice without any clue to a proper job or which materials should be used for certain applications

I have found Gerry and Michael the gasman and Monty and racefanone and Harold to be some of the most outstanding professionals anyone could ever seek out for advice.

It is the non knowing who offer bad advice that is very scary as peoples lifes can be put at risk

I came here to learn which I have from so many folks willing to share good sound advice.

This list is great for an education in so many fields.

I hope other lists will follow suit when it comes to the professionalism that is shown here.

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