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Hopefully someday you just may try to learn something about the trade you have say you have been dabbling in.

The problem is a lot of misfits get into the trades but never bother to actually learn anything about the various aspects or the diversity of materials.

I can justify every one of my anti and pro plastic statements as well as why I find your advice so repulsive it makes the real mechanics sick reading your about your incompetence.

You having taken over a business and never really learning how to either install Or how to set up an organization.

You one had the gall to post that someone charging $125 for a thermocouple was way to high a price, You made this statement without having any facts what so ever.

How do you know it was not an over time call Or how far away from the job did the plumber have to travel.

as it is evident you honestly have no clue how much it cost to properly carry the right amount of insurance Or pay employees a decent salary.


My insurance is over $40,000 per year, that you moron is $800 per week

My office rent is $1,400 per month

My Mechanics make between $30-$45 per HR IN THE ENVELOPE not including benefits.

The girl in the office makes $1,100 per week

I draw a salary of $2,200 PER WEEK where do you think this money comes from you low life?

Do you think a legitimate plumbing contractor can make a living ONLY charging $125???

How do they pay for the trucks and insurance and office personal and pay a mechanic a decent salary?

How can a legitimate contractor pay for the Merlin system, several phone lines a computer system and keep abreast of current codes for $125 per hr?

There is NO WAY, NO HOW your a licensed contractor Or even a businessman.

Why would a REAL plumber who spent 5 years in an apprenticship (10,000) plus another several years

Working to get to take the Masters exams be willing to work for less then $100,000 -$300,000 per year?

How can you honestly expect to get a semi decent mechanic for less then $30 per hr?

What incentive can you offer someone to come into the trade if the M BOSS feels $125 is too much for a service call and parts?

I would be ashamed to offer someone even a skilled helper less then $20 per hr in todays market place.

This is not how to treat anyone especially an employee you depend to do the right job.

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