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Well now I see I hit a nerve with the TERM “STUMBLEBUM”

“The installers made a stupid choice by using plastic PB tubing”,

You are as Qualified as your name implies.

Your saying the installers ARE STUPID BUT your a genius HUH?

I see by your non listed qualifications that YOUR the one who is a danger to anyone who allows you into their home.

Bums like you like to fault products or say stupid choice BUT your a 4th year so you make no choices do you ONLY second guess.

You sir are the Idiot I was talking about a NON knowing moron who has no clue to the proper use of materials plus you lack the skills to install ANY SYSTEM properly.

You sure you cant find another field to dabble in as you sure are never going to be a plumber by any stretch of your pea brain imagination

You really are a LOSER by your own words.

Oh well I guess the wrold needs failures like you to make the real Journeymen appriciated.

TSK TSK TSK A stumblebum like you there is a saying for.

A poor mechanic blames his tools.

In your case you can try to blame everyone and everything BUT the reality is YOUR the failure not the product.

Bums like you have no clue to the proper choice of materials for the proper job.

shame, shame they dont have a Billy Butt crack list for you are the king of the losers in the trade of plumbing/heating and even drain cleaning

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