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fourth year

You sir, are an idiot. The installers made a stupid choice by using plastic PB tubing, but they followed the manufacturer’s instructions. The pipe itself breaks and that has nothing to do with installation. Shell,, originally claimed that it was an installation problem and mobile homes did not have any failures because their installer knew what they were doing. But then when mobile home started failing they lost even that defense. I can’t believe you use Polybutylene for fire suppression systems, otherwise why would you cite that as a defense for the integrity of a PB system. And most copper installations have lasted more than 20 years so that also has nothing to do with the PB failing. If the companies had a real defense for the charge of supplying a bad material they would have fought it instead of agreeing to put up $935 million dollars to replace it. As far as the installers are concerned, I suppose most of them did think they were installing a 30 to 50 year system. And the PEX users today, also think that. We will see in 30 to 50 years if they are correct. The PB installers learned their lesson the hard way. The first ones were forced out of business by the liability claims before the settlement saved the rest of them.

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