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    I am not sure what you are suggesting, but when one of my customers called for replacement after they had a leak the company’s adjuster told her that they would like to have three leaks before they did a replacement. He also told her that he was sure she would be able have three leaks before the next day. The customers who have that garbage usually did not have any say about its installation, and the companies who made it should not be able to weasle out by saying they waited too long before they had a leak.

    Why SHOULD the “company” be responsible?

    Look at all the misfits and stumblebums installing Quality plastic products BUT the moron installer screws up and looks to blame anyone BUT himself. This is what is called FRAUD PLUMBING

    Any piping system will fail with an idiot installer.

    Shell and other companies got a bad rap from the non professional installers dabbling in heating and plumbing.

    ALL I know NOT ONE of my plumbing heating Or fire suppression systems EVER FAILED but then again my crews can read and understand simple directions.

    I posted several questions to the heating bums on here and I am yet to get the right answer from the bums who say P&H.

    The plumbers who installed these systems should be held PERSONALLY LIABLE not their insurance companies Or the manufactures BUT the installing contractor MAKE THEN take money out of their pockets for any system failure.

    I think ALL plumbing and heating should be personally guaranteed for 25 years MIN.

    Any defects the installer comes back and fixes it for free.

    When I did roofing (BUR) we put a full 30 year guarantee on it why cant plumbers and heating guys do the same thing?

    I feel if a plumber/heating guy uses a product of questionable quality Or installed improperly then the contractor should lose not only his business but his home NO INSURANCE should cover a MISFIT installation..

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