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What a pathetic world we would live in today if Sylvan was in charge of all technical advancements.We should all be happy that Sylvan wasn’t around when the idea of doing away with the outhouse came up.Sylvan said that it’s stupid to bury a heating line underground when you know that it may fail.What a moronic statement from such a smart man.Sylvan,please tell me of all the plumbing products that you have installed underground that will at some time not fail.Is it ok to install drain lines that will fail?Or is ok to install water lines that will someday fail?What your saying is that it’s ok to install any plumbing product underground as long as it’s not plastic.Please tell us all about the special products you use that don’t fail.All the products I have ever heard you brag about have all been known to fail.

OK Dummy class is in session.

Extra Heavy cast Iron piping will fail BUT the life span is slightly over 100 years

Brass piping and or Copper TYPE K also lasts for 50+ years

Both of there are ONE pipe systems easy to find the leak and make repairs KNOWING the heating systems are subject to expansion and contraction and chemical attacks from water they are much more prone to expensive failures then water lines or drainage lines.

Fraud you have a mental handicap so ILL make it simple for you to understand the trade offs.

If you were even semi skilled instead of being a fraud you would know everything is a trade off.

Sewer and drain lines can be above ground in some buildings BUT aesthetics come into play so we bury the piping and we really like gravity systems when possible for drainage plus drainage and waster mains are normally located at the lowest point of the piping systems.

You being ignorant of real heating systems would never have heard of ceiling rads or Quality cast Iron base board where piping can be maintained in a cheaply compared to digging up an entire slab like we had to do with the Levitt homes of the early 50’s

My OLD 80 year old system still is like new condition.

Your being a fraud could careless about a proven longevity system.

This makes you the number one stumblebum I was taking about YOUR the loser who dabbles in heating and the worst possible excuse of a Billy Butt Crack that makes the real mechanics suffer going behind your incompetence.

KNOWING piping does fail WHY install it in a place where it is very costly to repair?

You are really the worst simpleton on this list in MHO no wonder you dont give your real name of place of fraud business.

FRAUD YOUR the worst one out there

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