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    I am in the planning stages prior to building a new home. The home will be a single story with a bonus room over the garage. It will be built on a slab and we are planning to use the ICF (Insulated Concrete Foam) for the outside walls.
    Size approximately 2200 sq. feet. Home will be located in Eastern North Carolina. Any comments, suggestions, thoughts or concerns will be appreciated regarding the use of radiate floor heating. What are the least problemsome floor covering? Thanks Gene

    Gene think about it,

    It takes a certain mentality to bury a pipe that is used for heating KNOWING that this pipe may fail then what?

    I happen to like heating systems that I can service and check doing as little damage as possible to.

    Why not read these boards and see how many suckers got ripped off with plastic piping failures over the years with no recourse.

    Why be the 1st guy on your block to have an underslab failure?

    Why not think about Quality cast Iron Base board comfortable long ,long lasting proven systems?

    Under slab heating really started when the economy dropped and stumblebums had no license in plumbing so they ran to heating to make their money off poor victims who didnt know better.

    There was reciently a major law suit where the heating guys actually had the GALL to blame a manufacturer for the pipng failures.

    They install it then look to point a finger AMAZING huh

    Amazing how the human mind works JUST like the gun manufacturers should not be held accountable for a nut case who goes out shooting up a place in a stolen gun WHY should a manufacturer of a great product be liiable for someone who did a bad instalation.

    Hey If I buy a car and run a stop light should thr car dealer be responsible?

    Same with underslab heating. Ask to see the “HEATING/Master Plumbers LICENSE” if no license then think about this.

    Would you let a non licensed person operate on your children?

    To many folks are now coming out from under rocks and doing heating applications BECAREFUL of the new Maggots out there.

    Good luck sounds like your going to need it

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