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fourth year

You can call me anything you want to, but I answer to Master or Guru. Now for some other truth that you will also not believe, as if I cared. In 1955, I was a fourth year apprentince in UA 130, having skipped the first year due to experience. I was operating the company while the owner was incapacitated. I was in charge of the journeymen crews. I was driving a brand new Lincoln Capri convertible. I was bringing home $42.42 a week (fourth year scale). I had just fired the plumbing inspector from one of the neighboring towns who worked for us, for doing shoddy work. And when UA 130 went on strike, I was one of the few that was allowed to continue working. If you want to solve your problems follow my advice. If you want to be baffled by B.S. follow someone else’s or your own. I could care less which you do.

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