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    “If you cannot turn an elbow, how will you make a solder joint without burning the building down”

    This a real moronic statement.

    CLASS is in session AGAIN

    There are electric heating (soldering) equipment for sale or rent where an open flame is not practicable

    About the coefficient of expansion of various piping this is why a helper mentality fails when it comes to provisions for expansion and contraction.

    Expansion joints or four fitting swings etc BUT thats another class.

    Many times when cost is a factor we do connect a copper line to an existing black steel system.

    I have connected 4″ Copper to 4″ steel piping so far with no adverse conditions happening thus far BUT the system is only 22 years old so lets give it some more time..

    For example there is something called “heat block”
    Or more commonly called a heat sink.

    The heat sink will prevent over heating of the female connection to male threads.

    As a mechanic we use a fire extinguisher and normally wet down the area if there is any possibility of fire.

    The other thing a dummy would never think of is the heat shielding devices we a “skilled mechanic” use to attach to a torch and thus the flame spins all around the fitting enabling the joint to get hotter faster , YET will not even scorch anything within 1/2″ of the flame including paper.

    As a true mechanic we also are aware of products like Hercules Swiff 95-5 solder that is easy to use so even stumble bums can make a decent joint with minimum skills.

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