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Sylvan.As I said, We are only human (the cream of humanity). Until the advent of Tourism we didnt need such contraptions, it’s only since overseas visitors do we need them.

Dear Stephen, didn’t you know Americas are now VICTIMS no longer responsible for our own actions

We are the trend setters of Entitlements.

You put your hand in hot water and get burned some lawyer will get you full compensation.

Your an illegal working IN NYC Ground Zero No problem your now entitled to FREE Medical coverage and even given FREE masks so you can continue to work OFF THE BOOKS and don’t pay taxes.

Buy a cup of coffee go to your car spill the coffee in your lap NOT A PROBLEM your going to get millions if you get the right Law firm.

Here is a great American Dream come true.

Go at night to rob a building fall though a glass sky light and guess what YOU are now officially a victim and you get compensated for all your pain and suffering.

How about this for being TRUE American take a mother strung out on drugs ILLEGAL or legal doesn’t matter and have this mother dump her child in scalding hot water GUESS WHAT she and the child are entitled to benefits as the building owner is responsible for these burns NOT the Mom.

America GREAT COUNTRY come one and all and get your entitlements, we pay the taxes so you wont have to.. Boat people welcome People in jail in other countries come on we can give you free housing and free food and other entitlements.

NO ENGLISH speaking people welcome to our shores sorry.

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