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    Well stated Sylvan.No one knows what hand life will deal us.Where I reside there are alot of semi-retired and retired trades people working in a large hardware store.In fact the owner of the store contacts these people to work part time for him because he knows them and he knows they know what they are doing.Have a good year Sylvan.

    Thank you you also have a healthy and happy New Year.

    You know if you think about it US being in the trades I would find it almost impossible to just stop working.

    One of my part timers is over 80 years old.

    Social security just does not hit it and being a craftman he needs to do something.

    Everyone needs something to do and if we can make money doing something we really enjoy hey thats a very big plus in our favor.

    I sometimes cannot get over I am geting paid for having so much fun.

    I guess because I do enjoy learning and working with my hands I am pretty decent as a mechanic.

    You have to like what your doing or it just becomes a job and thats a shame to work at any feild you do not love doing.

    Have a great one.


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