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I will try again, hope this post works

Sylvan, you are right on the mark.

It is a disgrace what is posted on here by “Stumblebums” who dable in our profession.

This is exactly why I I sold off my business to get away from the idiots out there sponging off me and expecting me to take care of them when they have no inclinkling how let alone why.

You hit sore spots with “stumblebums” as rather then even try to learn they do knock our education and pride.

I never read this site before but my son who is an engineer did send me a lint to this particular posting and we concur with you.

AO Smith Mexico, Kohler Mexico, great heating mechanics and equipment Germany.

We have the plastic mind set generation nothing about pride in ones self.

Yes these bums asking this kind of moranic question is the entitlemet generation with give me the answers.

Sir it is indeed an honor to know there are still some left who like to know their respective trades.
Have a great

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