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My opinion Only take it for what you think

Again for your safety PLEASE give it up and go to a home center before you end up hurting someone including yourself guy.

Not everyone is honestly cut out for the “trades”

NOT A put down its a fact of life.

Like Steven Speilberg told me once while we were eating Chinese food.
“Everyone has a talent the key is to find it”

I strongly suggest YOU find yours or try to at least get an education in the proper installations not ask someone unknown as you have no clue if they are correct or not.

This is just basic laziness on your part not looking in the code books or the very least you could have shown some common sense and asked

“Where can I find the answer to the above question”

Being a professional in ANYTHING is not to remember all the codes but to at least know where to look.

I am not putting you down as your brighter then some of the morons on here as at least you asked.

NOW I told you ASME so now you have the tools to find it yourself and your on the road to LEARNING a little something about WHY we have Masters who’s job is it to train future generations of skilled craftsmen and women.

This forum is a great place to learn but part of the learning process is to THINK and if I or anyone just fired off an answer this is not going to help you at all.

For example in the “books” you will not only see how But the properly piping arrangements and WHY these valves and piping are installed the way they are.

Today knowing that a lot of folks cannot read and understand what they are reading (case in point folks in the trades asking basic code questions)

The code authorities geared the reading level to tradesmen around 3rd grade level with lots of pictures (illustrated codes)

It is not a put down it is FACT even the President of this country knew we could no longer compete using “American know how” as we have become a lazy society asking how many rather then bothering to even look up simple answers.

I try to not only give an accurate answer but to enlighten folks how important reading codes is to become a “professional”

As more and more employers realize this is a lost cause and look to open more factories over seas and the home centers and utilities finally do take over these trades we then will have a much better society of SKILLED craftsmen again.

Skilled in the knowledge they can read for themselves and learn to look how and know WHY there is a valid reason.

Every trade (here) has taken a severe hit when it comes to getting really skilled labor.

Now that Ireland has a construction boom America has again lost really qualified work force as these highly intelligent craftsmen who went back to their home land,
we are now faced with the dregs again, the normally unemployables are now back in the main stream filling the void the craftsmen left.

It takes 3 men to replace one of the really qualified workers that left.

No more pride in one knowing their trade instead we have the tell me the answer mentality as they cannot read or understand what they read.

The worlds envy of the work force is no longer on these shores.

What a shame to see the ruin of a once great nation.

Look at all the jobs lost over the last 30 years look at the Stumblebums out in the field.

Look how codes have become lax to allow the unemployables to install idiot proof piping systems.

Imagine a so called professional asking a general code question that can be found locally.

Yet when a technical answer is given folks who do not know the reason ridicule rather then saying “wow I just may have learned something

“Education today is knocked we have the fast food mentality in plumbing and heating get in get out forget pride that is for losers and nerds.

Once just having the skills to install piping systems was not enough it was also required to know why.

Today we have folks who don’t even know how and have to rely on pictures and simpleton materials to install.

Boilers come “Packaged” why? because the stumblebums have no clue unless it is already pre wired and set up so only 3 connections are required not including wiring

Have fun guys picking this apart, SylvanLMP Wow what a great place to learn there ARE BOOKS out there HUH?


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