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    Which Code are you referring to as “Proper”Are you SURE your asking about the correct Valve?Relief or Safety? CHECK your spelling

    Is this Steam or hot water application? (HINT)I think you should look up ASME section IV (HINT AGAIN) Relieving devices and READ what these fine folks have to say as the stumblebums on here with no names will only get you really confused as books are for KIDS LOL.

    Make sure you see the clover leaf as that is something the Billy Butts would never look for.

    FYI if you have to ask I strongly suggest you have a professional do the sizing and the proper installation.
    Most of the unemployables or non skilled go into “heating” as they know no one will ever ask what “qualifications” they have.

    Such as ASHRE, ASME,NBBI,U/A training, Mechanical Engineering,LMP,Heating or plumbing “ENGINEER”
    Stationery Engineers license etc.

    So I would advise you rather then ask a general question have a LMP go to the job site or ask your local city inspector to explain how to size these devices and how many you can install and ask about how the professional knows the difference of a safety or a relief valve and how to test and pipe them in properly by NBBI and or ASME and local codes.

    Too bad you never gave an E mail address so I could have given you the exact page of the ASME quotes BUT since you didn’t it would be erroneous of me to guess how many BTU input your asking about << ANOTHER HINT Discharge piping sized by not only BTU and (now look it up LEARN)

    Here is one more HINT as If I tell you the answer you wont appreciate WHY A LMP is slightly a cut above the wannna be non knowing folks.Once YOU look it up yourself it is an education and thus you too will remember how many and WHY

    Just like I try to educate a 1st year helpers ILL try to make it as simple for you knowing the majority of “Americans” reading this list have no formal education in heatin stuff as they are to lazy to bother to look these easy to find facts on their own so they take someone’s word for it and hope the answer is correct.

    Here lets think like a person with a 4th grade education.Suppose we took the BTU (input) NOT OUT PUT of the boiler in question and then called a home center and asked to speak to the professionals there YES HOME CENTERS NOW have really great heating folks working for them as THEY can answer YOUR question. The stock clerk KNOWS just as much about HOW many valves and piping relieving capacities that can be installed as you seem to know.

    The stock person at the home center would look up the maximum relieving capacity of the valve and then by asking you to look at the boiler plate the stock person would them know the maximum rating of this boiler and thus know if one or 2 (HINT)
    Valves are required The folks dabbling in the trades never bother to even think outside the box.

    THUS the BIG BOX Stores are the way to go.

    Thankfully consumers now have a viable option for heating.

    Sears and Home Depot are offering excellent services by LICENSED PROFESSIONALS and thus I suggest you contact them for all your heating needs because they do have up to date training and BOOKS on hand to look up your questions and give you a quality job.

    Why bother to ask a question on here like how many valves can be legally installed? Or pipe sizing?
    If you do not know this answer YOU should not dabble in heating like the BBC are doing

    GO to as home Center and they can help you.

    SylvanLMP Certified low pressure boiler Inspector

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