Oh well I guess the Oklahoma training I had finally paid off (OU)

Imagine if I too was listening strictly to a guy who spent 32 wonderful years in a school without ever having the back bone to make it on his own with skill actually used in the field.

I don’t know I guess when I welded 6″ gas lines in place in a trench I was very lucky every one of the rays did not show the large voids I must have left huh?

Welding on your back is pure luck and lots of fun

Yup I am so glad these fine semi skilled folks sure did point out the error of my welding and all the great advice they offered.

These are the reasons WHY we now use fiberglass tanks instead of the good ole semi skilled welded ones..

The college instructor sure as hell cant make a great living on their skills so here is a guy 32 years doing the same thing day after day.

WOW what a mind set to be like a factory worker on an assembly line for 32 long wasted years.

As a “plumber” I am very lucky as I can weld, braze, lead wipe, work with Pyrex piping making my own beads and yet because I am a Master of MY profession ,
I the options of hiring a welder for the day week or year hire them as a needed bases

I pity the poor slob who lacks credibility and only knows one small aspect of piping.

I like being able to dabble in welding when I feel like it Or size my own fire suppression systems.

As I no longer have the need to deal with welders telling me how many inches of weld they are going to give me I found a better way.

I hire qualified “plumbers” and tell them the virtues of using victraulic piping so welding is no longer an issue for health reasons.

Why have some dummy weld when I can offer a safe environment with no fumes or open flames no “welders pimp” to stand around as a fire watch.

a REALLY SKILLED PLUMBER can weld if he has the need YET is able to read and actually understand codes to bad a “welder” is not so lucky

Today with great epoxy’s even the auto body shops are getting away from welding.

Being skilled in many mediums is fun and highly profitable when someone is capable of doing several tasks correctly.

For the majority of applications a certified welder is way over kill so why invest all that time only learning one trade that is not only a health hazard but kind of boring day after day after day.

I call the union hall say send some welder tell this schlepper ILL give him $20 above scale BUT he has to produce.

Remember as an employer the welder still works for ME and he makes CHUMP change compared to the real Masters of the trades no getting around it .

The employee is just an employee, very replaceable unlike the boss who has the onions to make it on their own .

So as good as my welders are I can always hire one just as good or better.

The pity is these poor simple mind folks are so liminted in what they can earn compared to the ones who hire them.

My last welder thought $80,000 was fantastic salary DUH He should only know what I was making above his chump change salary

Instead of learning several marketable skills they only learn one aspect of a profession.

What happens at the age 40 when I semi retired but the poor welder starts losing his eye sight and still has 15 years ahead of him?

Why should an employer hire an older worn out welder when he can hire a young fresh out of school top notch mechanic capable of doing several tasks properly?

YUP being “just a welder” or a welding instructor is sure a good job YES SIR you guys got it made.

No way am I going to pay just a “welder” more then a highly skilled professional plumber.

Being a welder was just a very small part of being a genuine mechanic

Welding in the Navy was an education in itself for me But even as a 18 year old I knew this was not a great career move knowing one simple aspect of a trade.

Here you have a guy 32 years teaching BUT not even having the onions to go out in the real world and work for a living WHY?

What is wrong with this guys skills?

He is so ashamed of his non accomplishment like the other stumblebums they hide behind made up names and of course no license mentioned BUT they can sure pick apart others who offer an answer.

It takes a certain genius mentality to want to inhale poisonous fumes day in and day out and play with fire and molten metal YUP real BRAIN POWER HERE.

Knowing these folks always have to look to a Master of a profession to give them a job.

When I did large gas piping I hired welders rather then do it as I did it for fun and to try something new not to have to depend on something so dangerous day in and day out.

Yup being just a “plumber” is what keeps me from being bored stiff as I have to know several aspects of several “trades”

I wish to thank all you “welders” for the really professional advice you guys gave especially the school teacher who knows NOTHING about real world conditions BUT his resume said it all huh?

You guys are fantastic showing everyone the talent you posses.. Thank you again


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