Sylvan thank you.

I called my brother and he said you were right on with your posting and advice.

I did not want to bother him at first as he is in another state and he is an engineer and you know engineers once they get you on the phone. :-).

About the black and white Hydro suggested, he too was also on the mark as was your explanation as to why not only how.

The “R” stamp you mentioned was sound advice and even if you did get it out of a book it does not matter as it was correct.

Now for the application at hand.

I have an old Victorian home with one of the radiators leaking on the seam on the top as someone left the window open and the New England chill caused a hair line split.

This is a steam system so I was able to isolate this one radiator from the system.

The Black and White is the way I am going to make repairs for now and it gets me through the rest of this winter then I will just repaint this radiator silver

The idea of the drilling the split to prevent further crack length makes a lot of sense.

I read some of the postings on here and your one of the very few who actually take the time to explain not only how but why.

One local handyman suggested I use an epoxy but I did not think it would look right or hold up.

In spite of your hard nose posting I must comment you for knowing a professional job like the little things of drilling prior to heating, no one else even mentioned it.

I now have a whole new respect for the term “master plumber” as I had no idea that plumbers also weld, braze and do so many other tasks that some would consider a separate trade.

Again thank you and Nick for great advice and have a fantastic New year

Nick if you used spell check I may have taken your advice more seriously, but you did get the point across

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