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    My idea would be to auger the water closet, Again.
    Now we all know boys will be boys and the fascination young boys have with the water swirling in a bowl is well documented and goes back to the first days of the invention.
    Your young son is establishing himself as a thinker and experiments with the commode will continue well into his adult life. There are no clear cut solutions to this national problem.
    My guess is this time it is not the toilet roll but some other object. The reason could be as simple as “I wonder if it will go down”.
    So in closing, what you have here is not a toilet problem, but an independent young son who clearly is showing signs of a leader. I would suggest you nurture him with field trips that will inspire him further to possibly one day be a plumbing professional. This way instead of you paying for his experiments he may one day be able to charge for them.
    Good luck,
    The Local Plumber
    Tustin, California

    This without any doubt in my mind has to be one of the BEST answers I have ever read.

    FANTASTIC Bill you do our profession Proud to have you as a LMP.

    This is exactly what I meant, YOU being a true professional gave your real name and thus as a professional gave really fantastic advice GREAT POST.

    As my old CPO said to me in the Navy
    “You did good Lad” LOL


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