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The reason for my question is that the original request implied that the “block of concrete” was completely blocking the pipe, but was loose enough that it was not watertight. In that case, the concrete would have to be bored out and the chain knocker vibrations would only work after it was destroyed. But since it had not adhered to the pipe, there might not be any residue that needed descaling. I am not as incompetent as you seem to think. Nor do I need anyone to hold my hand while I am performing my services, either as a “sewer pro”, or as a licensed plumbing contractor, (LMP, to you).

Im glad your an LMP but most localities do give a LMP a number which you failed to list with your name BUT I Guess ILL contact every state and ask if “sewer pro” is licensed as why would anyone lie about being licensed when they are not?

About the question “implied” is another reason I took it for granted you had no clue that what your talking about if you had read the question the gentleman did state the “cement finishers” knocked off the cap.

Now in most civilized parts of the world the finish coat is like thin set just enough to make the FF smooth and level or pitched if the area requires it.

So we are not talking a full 4″ pour going down the line.

The gentleman also stated the “Cement” is loose but will not pass the sweep.

So if you had taken a legitimate “Master plumbers exam” you would have learned to read and not ASSUME as to what YOU think happened.

Plumbing is a science but in order to KNOW Plummmmmm you have to read and UNDERSTAND what your reading.

Now Mr. LMP what “formal” training have you taken in drain cleaning?

Remember most plumbers including Masters have no clue to proper drain cleaning options.

This is why most franchise drain cleaners can work in areas where LMP work as the LMP has no clue as they learn by OJT.

There is a lot more to drain cleaning then just using snakes, water jetters and ram jets and vacuums.

Dont feel bad “drain PRO” there are lots of folks who do not bother to get as formal education in these trades and make a damn good living.

Im still learning every day and I can honestly say I still have not even scratched the surface in learning these trades


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