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Mr. Sylvan, LMP:
Which brand of chain knockers do you use? I would be interesteed in locating a unit that will “drill” through concrete since the ones I have always used are descalers and need an opening through the material before they can break up the obstruction. I assume that the unplugging of the 10″ line was successful, or you gave a performance guaranty that you only charged if you unplugged the line.

Well, Sewer Pro YOU are a professional as you asked a Question and that sir is a step in the right direction as none of us know it all.

OK the brand I use most of the time is General wire and spring BUT I do use Electric eel also.

You must realize Mr. “Pro” cement will not adhere very well to piping without some type of primmer. Think about roof penitrations that leak as concrete is NOT water proof around piping

Yes, it will stick to the surface but not with a lot of strength.

The chain knockers sets up vibrations that will “chip” the concrete off the inner piping walls.

Then any residue can be removed by a water Jetting with enough pressure and volume to float the debris away. Sort of like power washing BUT it can take a longer and TIME is money T&M RULES in this case.

Actually “Sewer PRO” Now you can fully understand why I honestly think all drain cleaners should attend a “plumbing” apprenticeship for 2 years just to learn the very basics like proper venting and where and how to install clean outs and which tools one should use.

Your lucky IM here to give advice as I do instruct so called plumbers in the proper way to do drain cleaning as most stumblebums go out and try to learn strictly on the job training, which we both know just doesn’t work look at racefanone
Asking the same question THIS SHOWS the need for MORE TRAINING.

Now Pro lets think like semi skilled folks OK? instead of real plumbers and drain cleaners.

If the drain is filled with poured with cement then of course the piping had to be removed and replaced BUT lets talk common sense.

Lets visualize a roof drain Or a floor drain application where the drains are installed and another layer of cement is laid and during this pour some cement enters the line, which happens a lot in setting up a quarry tile roof as the drain is set in the original pour NOT the finished pour. (See real plumbers know this stuff and drain guys have no clue to installations)

Now we have a call back drain plugged with cement.

We certainly do not want to chop open a slab if possible so we use what is called a “starting head” sort of like a spear head to bore a small opening.

If this works then we continue increasing the snake head until we break through the cement deposits NORMALLY the 3,4,5,6,8 “lines are NOT filled completely but just a thin layer as the cement does flow with the pitch of the line (DUH)

Now once the opening is large enough we use chain knockers to set up vibrations to knock off the build up inside the piping walls.

Sometimes when more toque is needed an Electric Ell type of sectional machine is ideal with the 11/4 wire set with the torque set not to put undue stress on the cables.

You see “drain Pro” plumbing is a lot more then just installing the piping properly but being able to service them.

Most United States Drain Cleaners have no real skills and thus they become drain cleaners as there is no testing or licensing in many areas of this country just like “heating and piping contractors”

Now for some inside trade stuff.

When I did a job in Manhattan there as a 8″ drain that was under 4 feet of cement (48″ pour slab) that someone had foolishly let cement go down.

The bids to chop up and replace this pipe was well above $185,000.

So being a Multi talented guy I went out and rented a sand blaster unit and knowing the sand would not destroy the Extra Heavy Cast Iron uncoated pipe and I was able to sand blast the internal piping good as new.

Along with snaking and jetting YES PRO sometimes we do need a combination of tricks to get the finished product we desire.

Then of course we take a video inspection and IF NEEDED we reline the sewer piping if needed.

This is what makes us professionals say “CAN DO” not give excuses why it cant be done

You see “PRO” this requires skills to figure out simple stuff like this.

This is why stumble bums dabbling in these professions have now became “trades.”

Hey if you get a hard job beyond your capabilities PLEASE just ask and IM sure I can give you some sound advice.

Again to get the best out of “drain cleaning” hire a licensed Master plumber/Or licensed Drain cleaner as no one knows more about these systems then the folks who install them.

By the way “PRO” I do not guarantee that the pipe will be cleaned as I have no clue how much debris actually was let down the system so I charge T&M

Hey if you get cancer of the brain does the “Doctor” guarantee your going to be cured?

You want guarantee in life for something beyond our control THEN your had better find another planet to live on guy


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