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help……….. the cement finishers knocked off the kollar cap and let concrete get down into the 3″ drain. it is loose but will not get past a long sweep 90 down stream , or back up any futher than a wye , is about 40 feet to the cleanout downstream and 8 feet from the closet bend up stream. do not really want to break out the floor as there are radiant heat coils in place.. the concrete people bought 5 gallons of chemical to disolve the blockage,but cannot seal off the line close enough to the problem. any suggestions would be helpful,thanks jerry

Not a problem as this kind of fiasco happens all the time.

What I do when a contractor screws up and lets hot bitumen Or gravel Or cement down the lines is not to panic.

In this case it is ONLY cement one of the easiest things to remove.

1- You can call a plumber with a snake and have him/her use CHAIN knockers to loosen up the cement encased on the inside of the pipe.

2- Then have a large vacuum suck out the cement

3- Have the same plumber/drain cleaner use a water Jetter with at least 10-14 GPM to flush the debris to the next clean out or building house trap.

The water Jetter pressure is not really the key here as the chain knockers will loosen the cement and no need to scour the lines clean BUT you do need the volume of water to flush the stones and gravel down stream

Now for the bad news under normal conditions We charge no less then $500 per HR for this type of work with the video inspection extra to double check the job.

The good thing is this kind of work takes about 2-3 hours and saves you the aggravation of cutting the slab and doing even more damage.

Like I stated above this is very common as a matter of fact I am going to a job Monday doing this exact same thing BUT in this case because of the size of the piping 10″ we are looking at a minimum of $15,000 even if it does take two hours.

Be thankful that there are always options if you hire a professional to go behind the other guys.

Remember your are paying for the knowledge not to destroy the slab as anyone can cut out the existing and do damage.

Now one more point if you were foolish enough to allow plastic piping to be installed under ground you have a problem as the knockers can crack the cheap plastic piping and the short radius of plastic crap makes rodding more difficult so you will be paying a hell of a lot more as care must be taken not to crack this garbage installation


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