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Bruce T

Hmmm, This is a very interesting post!
I am just learning, but one of the most important things I’ve learned as of late was that there is no perfect pipe except for the situation you are using it for!!!

I havent been plumbing long but I have experienced both good and bad things about ANY pipe!
example: I worked on a dear old ladies house that lived on top of a mountain. Her house was built by a famous architect of her day..1932
her plumbing was constructed of the new copper plumbing with brass nipples at the wall mounted fixtures!
her house was featured in HOUSE BEAUTIFUL magazine for 3 years in a row back in the day!
Her plumbing was free of scale or ANY deposits when I replaced her shut off valves and her wall mounted kitchen faucet!
BUT, I have also repaired many pinhole leaks in type “L” copper water services in acidic dirt and (too many to count) water heater recirc lines in 10 year old houses!
I have had the honor of trying to stop leaks in qest piping with their cumbursome crimping tool just to create new leaks! and I also have experienced galvanized water service that is relativley scale free after 25 years of use and still holding strong!
I have also used the new butt/socket fusion PE gas pipe that recently got approved in my state.
I have learned that you must use the right pipe for the right situation and that there is no “HOLY GRAIL” of pipe except for the conditions you intend to use them with and their sorrounding subsequent areas or contibuting factors!
Until they produce the “HOLY GRAIL” brand pipe, I guess we will always be in argument!
(in fact I think I learned this from HESHY *can I call you that?* and SYLVAN last week!)

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