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damn, just when i was telling the wife it is true, plumbers are intellegent people then i run into an idiot! well im not going to fall into the trap, everyone has an opion that is why i and many more served this country for people to voice their opinions, well as aqupex goes it is a little less mind work than running copper and i agree the old school was more glamorus than now,(burnt arms from poring lead, etc)but as for durability all take aqupex hands down over copper, now don’t get me wrong they both have their place but more often than not supply houses keep importing junk copper that you can almost see thru and seams in 1/2″ pipe that a first year apprentice could cut teeth on. but for all you old school guys when i can run water rough-in in 31/2hours and make the same profit as a 2 day copper job I’ll learn to adapt to the
new and improved plumbing as well ..good day.

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