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    I am shocked at some of the accusations on this subject. There is a movement even among the plumbing trade to accept plastic as a useful modern material. Some, however, are carrying their own glass or stainless steel containers so their WaWa or 7-11 coffee will never touch plastic cups and their soda will not endure long hours in plastic bottles.

    Some worry so that they are forced to carry medication in the original plastic bottles. Their plastic refrigerators, icemakers, coffeemakers, tubs, shower curtains and almost everything that surrounds them during the day, including their automobiles are making them worry about the future of mankind.

    Hopefully, they will be able to compensate for their distress by adding sufficient paper to their plastic wallets in their plastic clothing that they will be able to sleep at night on their plastic sheets so they will not chew on their plastic pens while they write a check. Beware the plastic keys of your plastic computer.

    Non-biodegradable pex may be the only remaining proof of mankind in the next millenium.

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