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I’m planning to change my water pipes, and wonder if anyone has information on whether tests have been done on Wirsbo, other than by their company, to determine if water quality is completely safe, or does plastic leach into the water?

Hi Lynn have ever noticed how the stumblebums with no training or licenses spew the virtues of “plastic.”

Look at the non qualifications these wanna be plumbers post next to their name.

The reason these misfits of the list do not post a license number is they know they legally cannot say they are master plumbers without the proper training.

Copper is natural and has health benefits. Here is a Quote the Master Plumber WE Masters seek advice from take it for what it is worth.

“You may wish to consider the value of replacing your copper
piping with an unproven material that is made from a waste product of the
Petrochemical industry in the production of gasoline….Have a nice day.”

Remember the non trainable are the one with no formal training and look by their phony names as they have no clue to proper installations.

These are the stumblebums you see on the news who rip folks off with improper installations, No name outfits dabbling in various aspects of these trades.

Good luck SylvanLMP

Lynn why not sent me a private E mail and ILL sign you up to read what the real professionals have to say


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