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Yes,copper has been around for ever. but the reason more people use copper is because the old timers are relutant to try new is my opion that plastic has been tested and is an acceptable substitute. the problem with plastic is your freaze-ups. it is still easeier to thaw copper lines.

Allen, ever think about the poor folks who had plastic installed and less then 10 years later they are in a class action law suit TRYING to re coup their money?

Being from Alaska your supposed to care about the environment BUT I guess some folks just don’t care about toxic waste huh?

It is great your in a state with less population per mile then almost any where else on earth as humans really try to have longevity in piping systems and good health in plumbing.

Most military handymen would use plastic as it is easy to install and it creates work for real professionals who have to remove it. BUT unfortunately plastic is not recyclable as yet therefore it is TOXIC.

Allen try reading Green peace sometime as US older guys really do think plumbers protect the health of the nation.

Why not read the following articles and THINK like a real mechanic (Civilian) as we are looking for customer satisfaction, not the kind of plumbing any home owner can do themselves and something that will not cause cancer or brain damage, ever bother to read all the safety precautions?

Of course if it is a very cheap job your looking for Yes go plastic and if your not heating YOUR HOME use plastic also.

One more point “plastic” was the State of the art in under slab heating it lasted almost a full heating season huh?

Why read what the fire chiefs have to say about TOXICITY and good OLE plastic piping

Yes, it is GREAT stuff for funeral homes and plumbers who get paid to rip it out when it fails.

We old guys happen to like systems that out live us.
Could you imagine (guess not your in the boon docks) If every 20 years we had to re pipe a high rise building 47 floors and above.

we aint talking out house plummmmmin here We be talking Quality safety and heatlh

How about replacing city water mains in a populated area every 30 years instead of the 125+ year old Systems in Boston and NYC.

But you know better Ever try NEW Medication young man?


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