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Hey guys Please forgive Sylvan ,he is still trying to learn.

Oh you got that right , God do I have so much more to learn about my trades. I have not even scratched the surface in plumbing let alone welding, fire suppression piping systems, drain cleaning, gasfitting steam fitting etc.

It seems the more codes I study and the more skills I try to master I never ever will learn it all.

Even in plumbing and having performed hospital piping and acid waste systems and fire suppression and doing simple plumbing like high rise office buildings. I still cant seem to ever catch up on the knowledge out there.

Being a member of several trade associations still cant get me the education I am after.

Even after my 10,000 hours of apprenticeship and holder of several master plumbing licenses and Master fire suppression license and even being a certified welder and brazer of medical gases and also being a certified unfired pressure vessel and low pressure boiler inspector and installer I STILL ADMIT I know nothing compared to what is still out there BUT I am trying to learn the basics of most of it as now know I will never ever know it all.

I have tried every possible aspect of plumbing I can think of from minor repairs to chill water systems for laser beams in NYU.

I have installed autopsy tables and worked on high pressure steam piping systems 1,500 PSI. Yet I didn’t even scratch the surface of plumbing let alone the other fields I dabble in like video inspections and non destructive boiler testing procedures as per ASME section IV and the NBBI

But hey ILL be the very 1st to say I do not know anything but I am willing to try to learn as I know I am not technical for my own satisfaction as I want to be.

Give me another 30+ years in these fields and then possibly I will be a half way decent Master of one the trades I work in.

This life time I just want to be a decent mechanic next time ILL learn flat rape pricing


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