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Hey Sylvan, in one of my earlier postings I stated that the world shold become one nation (Australian of course), then you blokes in USA would get some beaurocrats caose we’de all have the same Govt, That would bring you yanks down to earth. See in Australia Some Govt Dept supply the PC items & the Contractors install to a flat rate, it is not to the discretion of the installer. Do you ever work to Plans & Specifications? We do. You know that in some countries they even use flat toilets with straining bars. Who am I to question the requirements of other Countries, but again your toilets down here would cause Kaos with the lords a leaping & the birds a laying when the contents were spewed in reverse.

May my god bless & merrymas

Many of the green card workers I had over the years I have to admit put the so called American craftman to shame.

My top mechanic who I let him run my bloody company went back to Ireland because of the construction boom.

The mechanics guild in Canada should be the envy of the world as far as real techinical training is concerned.

The hardest tests in my career were Canadian standards and I would imagine the Aussie tests should be in line with the other English countries like South Africa and New Zealand.

Michael the Gassman and Bungie happen to be really brilliant in their trades.

It is really a shame they cannot make a world wide plumbers course that not only take in gasfitters but plumbing and fire suppression systems and of course back flow prevention and safe plumbing for the elderly and young.

We have the codes on the books but too many stumble bums pass through the cracks and put everyone at risk.

I think yearly testing is the way to go and if a person cant pass the test then out of the profession they should go. Strictly formal training with On the Job training plus yearly testing

Imagine going to a doctor who doesn’t keep abreast of changes in the industry / profession why should plumbing be any different?


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