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Sylvan. Chris stated that his father is in a commission house, not a facility for the aged, this is a standard Housing Commission property, In a superior country as yours, don’ you have such a thing as “Beaurocracy” our Country must be more advanced in this area. If the Gentleman was living in a facility for the aged he is more than protected by very stringent legislation such as Dissability Access legislation which includes Thermostatically controlled temp of Hot water, positions of Care pans 40mm higher, care seats, grab rails, mirrors and circulation spaces.
Please dont send an American toilet, I can imagine the addition of an American toilet to the 12 days of Chrismas song, with the water coming out the wrong way wetting the floor so that the 11 lords a leaping will do themselves a serious injury, and you mr Sylvan will be responsible!


Sir with all do respect, I cannot imagine a so called civilized country in this day and age that cannot fit a higher toilet on existing ruffing.

I know I can go out and within 15 minutes Id have the higher toilet.

A toilet is cheap and to have an elderly person inconvienced is really discusting.

Even a “standard” building does have barried free and ADA requirements.

Not to long ago I did a brand new warehouse for a roofing contractor.

By code I had to install 2 bathrooms one for men and one for women PLUS I made them both accessible for wheel chairs as it is just the right thing to do.

Granted there are no roofers in a wheel chair but you can never tell who may get a job in the office Or if this warehouse will be converted into something else.

I have found over the years there is always an excuse not to do the right thing When it cost slighly more.

Merry Christmas to you too mate and God bless


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