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    In reply to message posted by Chris Buckley:
    My Father is 81 and living in a Commision house in Canberra. The seal between his cistern and bowl could not be replaced because of the age of the toilet, fitted in 1973, so the commision replaced it with the standard toilet that they now carry. However, it is about 1 1/2″ lower than the old one. He is not very mobile and even with
    a hand rail, finds it near impossible to raise himself off of the seat. Is there a “thick” toilet seat on the market that would raise him higher? Or have you any advice?

    My God man what planet are your commission directors from?

    Doesn’t your country ever think about becoming civilized?

    As bad as things are at least we have ADA (Americans with disability act) for protection for the elderly or handicapped

    There is something new also in our codes about Barrier free designs and this is only over 20 years old also in our culture.

    I strongly suggest you find a 2nd rate country instead of the one your in that is still in the stone age when it comes to caring about the senior citizens who built up the bloody place your in.

    I do not know about your area but here we are accountable by law to make sure plumbing is safe for all including children or the old or the disabled and I would put these low life’s on notice that if your father should get hurt using these lower ILLEGAL toilets then your going to sue these low life’s personally and seek criminal action.

    Called Criminal neglect in modern societies and folks are accountable for lack of proper action.

    Bungies idea is great but it is still not the right job considering this IS a place for seniors.

    The higher toilet seats are also a decent stop gap approach BUT considering this older gent does live there and others are going to follow someday there is NO EXCUSE WHAT SO EVER they cannot provide the proper fixtures.

    Bet if your Dad was some illegal boat person the Government would find the funds to help them.

    My God this is disgraceful that and senior citizen who paid their dues cant even have a proper toilet.
    You live in a sick minded country mate.

    Please send me a private E mail, possibly we can find away to ship you a proper toilet seeing as how your contry is too inconsiderate to help the ones who paid their dues.


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