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Just oxygenated means that there is plenty of oxygen to rust the exposed metal of the tank. Rusting means there will be a hole the tank at any time. Consider buying a new tank or new rugs and furniture after the burst while you are away.

The boiler is not connected to the electric water heater, so it does nothing to the water color.

Thanks for the reply..

I agree that the oxygenated water will increase the rate at which the hot water tank will rust (or the pipes will rust) but the unit is only 6-7 years old.

Do you think there is any possibility to the issue of dirt/clay building up in the tank and causing the discolouration?

If it was my place I would replace the unit but as I am renting I need to have confirmed details on what the problem is and then I can approach them to repair it.

Sorry I don’t really understand your comment regarding the boiler not being connected to the electric hot water heater. I’m from Australia and not fully versed in pluming terminology but we have a hot water tank(heater) with 80 liters capacity. Is that different to the boiler?



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