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Fire Protection

With the bombing of the world trade center something came to mind that was discussed during my apprenticeship days when the WTC was being built. The topic on the minds of plumbers/steamfitter at that time was how to protect life and property with adequate fire protection as we knew no fire fighting equipment could shoot water up that high

Stormwater Pipe Sizes?

Q) I am in dire need of a plumber who understands storm water drains. I have had news gutters and drains installed (at great expense..for me) but there has not been enough provision made for the amount of water going down. Recent storms last week and on the weekend were disastrous. I need

Is Your Plumber Qualified & Licensed?

As more and more Americans are leaving congested big cities and moving out to the suburbs there is a rapid growth in new housing starts and commercial building start ups and thus more demand for quality plumbing and heating

What Is Considered Too Hot?

There is a lot of talk about who accepts responsibility when water is too hot. Now, I am curious, what is considered too hot? Many codes do give a minimum temperature of water, either leaving the source or at the point of use

Water Saving Toilets

There is a lot of talk lately about further reducing the gallon per flush for water closet (toilet) use from 1.6 GPF to 1 GPF. The problem here is not all toilets are manufactured equally and not all are fully tested before sent out into the real world

Drain Cleaning

Well, now that my drain cleaning season is in full swing, thanks to the rains, leaves and mud I finally got to use my Rigid 2,200 gas fired water jetter

Roof Drains

I have just completed 67 drains on a large building with lots of set backs. What I am curious about is who trains the new design engineers and architects in roof drainage? After my 3rd day on this job I asked for a meeting with not only the designing engineer but the building owner and the architect

Company Name And Licensed Tradesmen

I have just recently heard of yet another franchise being created using a dead man’s name and it made me stop and think about the time that I set up my own Company

Home Centers and DIYers

I happened to be in a home center this morning looking for some light bulbs when I came upon the plumbing department. A home owner looking for some advice was asking the store person about pumps for his heating system

Labour Shortage?

There may not be a labour shortage but there certainly is a skilled labour shortage. Short training courses which can only teach the very basics are being used to fill the shortfall in skilled labour. A 12 week course can not convey the knowledge gained in a 5 year apprenticeship

Sewer Pipe Locators

The camera view of a sewer pipe is valuable for showing the overall condition of the pipe, the nature of obstructions etc. However for many applications this information is useless without also knowing the specific location of the problem being viewed

Hot Water Dangers

Many senior citizens, children and infants are scalded each year from tap water. These burns can be very serious. Taking a few simple precautions, may save yourself and your children from a lot of pain

Replacing A Wax Seal On A Toilet

My toilet is leaking around the base of the toilet bowl. Please tell me, step by step, how to replace the wax seal if this is indeed the problem. Before you decide to replace the wax gasket, first try the following

Two Pumps are Better than One

It appears some blokes are penny wise and dollar foolish. Do you walk away from the job when you are asked by the builder/building owner to install one sewerage ejector rather than a duplex pump

Air Conditioning Vent Dripping Water. The Golden Views

I recently walked into my laundry room and discovered water dripping through the Air conditioning vent in the ceiling (yes dripping not condensation).Thinking it was a leaky toilet in the master bathroom directly above the laundryroom I

Dangers Of NON Licensed Heating Guys

Well, folks more and more “heating guys” are out there doing whatever damage they can to unsuspecting clients. These heating guys were not happy enough causing all kinds of under slab leaks and damage. Now some are even looking to blow away the entire home also

Locating Shower Leaks

I just realized that somewhere around the shower is leaking. How can I determine if it is the shower pan, the supply line or if its caused by the worn out shower door seal?

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