7 Piece CARBIDE TIPPED BIT, Masonry Drill Bit set, SDS Max!!!

$169.99 (as of 12 Feb 2019, 12:04 pm)


WARNING: These are SDS MAX drill bits. Which is bigger than SDS Plus they’ll no longer have compatibility SDS Plus Rotary Hammers!! Use the 7 Piece CARBIDE TIPPED BIT, masonry drill bit set with any SDS Max rotary hammer! Best possible tool for drilling into concrete, brick, tile, and so on. 4 Top grade Carbide Cutting points for RAPID and PRECISE drilling. FORGED from Top-speed steel and precision tempered, these bits are designed with long lasting performance in mind!! All drill bits 13 inches in duration; Most drill depth 9 inches. Set includes (in): 1½ X 13, 1¼ X thirteen; 1⅛ X thirteen; 1 X thirteen; ¾ X thirteen; ⅝ X thirteen; ½ X 13

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