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My next door neighbor has an older home; that has a basement with a first floor toilet. The problem is that the plumbing in the house never had a vent stack. Is there a easy way to put a vent stack in the drain system without having to go through the roof ? Is it possible to go through the basement wall; then up; and if so; how high would it have to be? The toilet has a slow flush. Could someone respond to this problem as soon as possible. Thank You; Carl

Most legitimate codes frown upon piping outside a building that is subject to frosting up like a vent pipe.

Here in the East Coast we increase the vent pipe to 4″ to prevent hoarfrost and the better codes call for a full 4″ vent stack going THROUGH the roof and depending on the type of roof how high the vent pipe terminates.

For example if it a weather protection roof only then being 2 ft above the roof is legal (CHECK LOCAL CODES) If it is a promenade deck then 7 feet should be considered. Some codes just say 5 ft above the roof, plus no openings with in 10 -15 ft so sewer fumes will not re enter the structure.

I happen to like over going with the more stringent codes available so as to have peace of mind with health issues.


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