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Originally posted by Harold
Wirsbo does not warrantee tubing against freeze damage. Freezing can damage the tubing and cause early failure due to stress. The fittings can be damaged by freezing. Pex does reform from ‘memory’ at 270F or so, but it will not be reformed otherwise and repeated freezing will make it burst. If it is insulated to prevent freezing the use is excellent, but so is copper. Pex offers freedom from galvanic corrosion, acid resistance, and flexibility, but it can be damaged by hydrocarbons in asphalt, soil, paints,etc.

Harold please your wasting your time trying to educate with facts the unknowing out there in cyber land. As an apprentice we froze copper tubing 5/8 “L” 11 times before it finally ruptured. Of course the above writer would NEVER use Pyrex pipe for an acid waste as it too can freeze so does rocks (water between them splits the rock) and steel and plastic BUT then again why even think like a semi skilled person.

AMAZING the mentality out there huh? I love reading about the folks who used “state of the art plastic” plastic under ground heating applications that FAILED because the installers didn’t bother to LEARN product applications properly.

How all the folks who used good OLE plastic piping that failed and now are wondering who will fit the bill to make things right?

I still will take my wait and see approach before I install a questionable material in some victims home.

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