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Originally posted by GSamHill:
Our current water pressure is approx 22-24 psi. We are on a gravity flow system. We want to increase our water pressure to be able to build a 2-story house w/bath on 2nd floor. Our current water tank is 1000 gallons. The drop is 25 feet. The waterline is 1 inch. The distance between house and tank is 600 ft. The tank is 5 ft high. How much pressure does code require for 2nd story bath in Oregon? How can we increase the H20 pressure w/out a booster pump? Thanks.

Unless you raise the tank higher you have to rely on a booster pump.

Lets take your numbers the DROP is 25 ft high minus 5 feet for the tank so our available head is 20 ft.

20 ft times . 434 = 8.68 PSI

8.68 PSI 2.31 = 20.05 so your pressure inside this structure is correct.

Send me an E mail and we can talk simple options

Or contact a United Association apprentice (seriously) and these very well trained guys can lay out a simple design for you.

What you just described is 1st year apprentice training

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