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Originally posted by Phil H:
Fourth Year,

Ever hear of a man named Bernoulli or wonder why planes can fly. The Just Right works on some of the same very basic principles in fluid mechanics. Do you know what a venturi is.

I have no practical experience with the Just Right. But, convection is only part of the picture. The idea is sound. It seems hard for me to imagine one device to work on all systems. I imagine the goal of the device is to have the hot water travel 3-5 fps through the pipes when water is used.

Since I have not used this product nor seen one installed, there is no way I can endorse it. The principle of operation is sound, I do not care to discuss the pros and cons of this device with you.

Phil H
[Edited by Phil H on 22 August 2001]

Wow another plumber who reads and understands what they read.

Phil why confuse “FRAUD” and the helper with facts?

This same lack of mentality does not believe that a boiler can be installed on a roof.

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