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Originally posted by Mary M:
My powder room is currently being remodeled. Handmade tiles were installed for wainscotting. The rough-in for my toilet is 11″ (+1/16″ or 1/8″). I can’t find a traditional/vintage style toilet that’s compatible to my home which is a 1926 Mediterraean home or the rough-in.

To compound the problem(s)….the FINAL INSPECTION is only 3-4 weeks away!

Do I have any options?

Has your plumber thought about a back inlet flushometer type toilet?

Many of the mansions I work in were built around 1922 and rather then destroy the floors or wood walls I use flushometers in lieu of the 12″ tank and bowls IF the water supply lines are large enough with adequate pressure.

If your waste pipe is hopefully lead you can pull it sometimes away from the wall and get the 3/4 you need Or if your local codes do allow you can opt for an offset BRASS floor flange that can give you up to 2″ more ruffling room.

If your plumbing is plastic IM sorry…

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