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Originally posted by bsweet:
Could you give me the name of a company that sells instant water heaters, mounted under the sink? Are these used in homes or just commercial places?

I have a long run from the how tater heater and I must conserve water. I loose a lot when waiting for the water to get hot.

Wait a DARN second there cowboy, HAROLD please RE REREAD this post guy.

If this is going to be used for domestic H/W like an instant hot coffee/tea maker then this person is limited as to what type of heater they can use.

If they are using this hot water heater for JUST the kitchen sink fine BUT if they plan on using it for a dishwasher I don’t think they would have the volume and Or temperature required that is required for proper cleaning.

Also what about a GFI and a dedicated circuit for this heater.

Also Harold WHERE were YOU planning to tell BS to pipe the T&P discharge LEGALLY?

Now for an “instantaneous” heater the ones I have installed in Medical facilities etc. all required 440 V for any kind of decent flow rate.

Far be it for me just being a “plumber” to ask exactly what are they going to use this water for. How about suggesting the possibly installing a return circulation line. rather then possibly installing a point of use without proper protection. T&P discharge and other factors

Oh well there is always this article to read below huh?

SylvanLMP Just curious how to make this point of use legal and safe

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