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Do I have a recourse with the home inspector? I can’t believe that PB pipes were installed in a house constructed in 1996 after the class action suit. Are there any options for situations like mine. The house is 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and 2 half baths. The estimate for a repipe was $5200. The plumber encouraged me to get other estimates. Any help would be appreciated. – Steve

Steve, I would go after the home inspector.

Sue this guy and hopefully he has enough insurance to cover you for the following

1- opening and closing of all the walls slabs etc.

2- complete replacement of the piping

3- inconvenience your suffering as you would never have purchased this home if he had performed his job properly and told you in his reports about the crap plastic installed.

4- Go after the installer who installed this junk, after the fact they knew it was a complete failure

5- Get the sleaziest lawyer you can find (very easy to do) and tell the lawyer he gets to keep 40% of what ever you get.

Your best bet is the home inspector as you went by his advice.

Just like a master plumber or a doctor if they screws up you have recourse.

Do not let this guy get away from charging you for inept advice

Contact SylvanLMP IM sure he can guide you as he works for several law firms going after these mutts of society.

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