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Originally posted by robm:
I want to put a tub in a basement bathroom. there is a toilet drain in the slab but no tub dran. there is also a washer drain in the wall on the drain end of the tub. Can I use one of the drains in the wall for the tub or do I have to cut/drill the slab?

Depending on local codes where the vent must be in relation to the tub trap.

There is something called a “laydown tee” that is designed for back outlet drainage when drilling through a slab is cost prohibitive.

The problem with this type of set up is pitch and trapping can be a major problem as a regular P trap cannot be used in this type of application

Another problem is having a tub connected to a washing machine is the waste can cause a nuisance of possibly having suds entering your bath tub.

Your best bet is trying to connect to the lead bend and venting the tub trap within 24″ of the trap and above the flood level rim of this fixture.

Check your local codes because if they are silly enough to allow wet venting or even worse those garbage AAV’s then you have a few more options .

Good luck

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