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Originally posted by Robert Stephen Morton:
Kook, what is the height of the tank?
If the height of the tank was 100ft high, then you would need a min of 1.1/4″ or 32mm poly over that distance to deliver a reasonable flow.
You said that you freeze at temperatures of 85deg. are you confused as flow has nothing to do with temperature. pressure will not be affected by the length of the delivery pipe.

Height of the community tower? Dunno – gotta be 100′. What’s done is done, as far as the 3/4″ line to the house – no changing that – would cost thousands of dollars.

I’m sorry, I didn’t think I said anything about temperature – did I miss something?

You are telling me that the size of the pipe has nothing to do with pressure? I am having a hard time with that. It makes sense to me for static conditions, but while flowing water (say watering the yard, or starting a load of wash), the pressure has GOT to be significantly lower than it is out at the street, no?

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