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Brad Crooks

Thanks for the reply… My property is in AZ and my brother(who lives right next to my property) had his perc test done and it passsed. I don’t know the specs. So they had him install a 1000 gallon tank w/ 2 leach lines that are 50′ in length. So I was just wondering if thier was some formula in figuring this out?

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Originally posted by PeteL:
This is not the answer you are looking for, but…
What do the laws or health regulations say in your area? Septic design varies from region to region and is affected by soil types and ground water levels. In the NE states the laws are very strict and there isn’t very much “do it yourself” action. If your region does allow the landowner to design his own system, there should be published guidelines from one of the state or municipal government agencies that you can use.

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