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Harold, Thanks so much for taking the time to give me all this information. While my hot water demands are not extensive, my major concern was maintenance costs and energy savings. If I understand you correctly, maintenance in this area may be a problem…which I do not need; and the savings on gas might not be that significant. If this is not correct, please advise.

My options for regular hot water heaters are to replace my existing 40-gallon unit in the hall closet with a newer model, or it was suggested to put a “low boy” in my attic. I have just installed a new Lennox 4ton AC/Heating unit in my attic and was wary of relocating a hot water heater in the same area…..any thoughts on this topic????

As I mentioned, I am in a wheelchair and responsible for my home up keep (will soon be living alone) and want to keep everything as simple and cost efficient as possible. As I remodel my hall bath (updating to an accessible design, fixing leaks, and treating for termites, etc), I want to make informed decisions and spend my limited money wisely. As I continue to get various opinions and recommendations from contractors, I would greatly appreciate any advise/suggestions from someone that is not bidding on this project.

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