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Bad advice as usual BATTING 1 million percent WRONG I see.. DUH


Originally posted by fourth year:
If the pump can deliver more pressure, and most can, then you just need to have the pressure switch adjusted. < Yup just raise the pressure to your piping until it becomes eroded from the velocity of the FPS flowing though this system GREAT ADVICE HERE HUH? Water hammers are a good thing for make work plumbing companies.

Before a REAL professional tells anyone how to raise the pressure we ask about pipe size and fixture unit demands and the volume needed and the TDH plus piping and fittings so we can figure friction loss BUT hey 4th year doesnt want to confuse himself

Inline heaters have their uses, but normally only when there is not enough space for a conventional one.WRONG,WRONG, WRON as usual

Inline heaters are great to prevent stand by losses BUT a 4th year would never consider this.

Inline heaters require only one pipe to the heater and one pipe out LESS piping means less chances of leaks from excessive piping and fitting (Joints) and NO return line needed either BUT a helper wouldnt know this either

They do not save all the energy that the advertisers claim they will.

Nope it is MUCH better to heat a 75 gallon hot water tank for shaving THEN let this hot water tnk simmer all day long on and off making up for stand by losses plus the very real possibility of a major flood from a ruptured tank

Yup when in doubt it PAYS to seek out a real professional WHO has the master license and a formal back ground in REAL training in the field they are dabbling in.

Before just raising the pressure It would be very advisable to find out what your real requirements are.

Think about hiring a REALLY Qualified pump person or a LMP who knows the righ from wrong with excessive pressure

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