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Originally posted by Robert Stephen Morton:
Hey Silvan, we have not got the time to develope anything, were too busy inventing stuff. we have been upside down for too long, its amazing we can get the toilets to run, because the pipes have to run uphill. We are a truly amazing people us ausies.

Steven YOU blokes are amazing to get the vortex to flow opposite then ours AND knowing you do upside down roofing is very impressive.

Actually I did a few upside down roofs where the insulation was held down by river rocks ( Tamco roofing systems etc with KMM for the flashing)

I think it is amazing to find a country that has “plumbers” doing roofing as I happen to be the only LMP here as far as I know with an extensive roofing back ground.

What is so good about actually KNOWING several trades and being duly licensd in each is It helps us professionals find leaks easier.

Thank you Mate for answering the above comment. Sylvan

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