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Thomas Crapper was born in Thorne in 1837

Yes there is a book about him, called flushed with pride. ISBN 0 356 04727 is the book number, any bookstore can get it using the above number. Try your local library with the number too.

Only Americans have blown people up trying to put them on the moon.

“Remember The English like the Aussies NEVER developed anything.” refrigeration
the heart pacemaker
aircraft inventions:
the `black box’ flight recorder
Interscan aircraft landing system
aircraft radar distance measuring equipment
inflatable escape slide
the photocopier (liquiderographics)
the utility truck (i.e. the pickup truck)
interactive computer systems
the torpedo
the bionic ear (cochlear implant)
the wine cask
permanent press fabric
differential gears
atomic absorption spectroscopy
the (military) tank (concept only)
the car radio
Police car radio
ady-mix concrete
the lawn mower
in vitro fertilisation and frozen embryo implantation
the clothes hoist
the orbital engine
the Favco crane
the wave-piercing catamaran
self-twist yarn spinning
speed packer garbage collector
Michell thrust bearing (for screw propeller)
artificial rain
mechanised brick production
snake bite antivenene
Owen machine gun
Mills cross radiotelescope
laser lighthouse
sports ergometer
contour farming
agricultural machinery:
sunshine harvester
stripper harvester
sugar cane harvester
stump-jump plough
chaff cutter
drill cultivator
otary hoe
shearing machines
infra-red chicken brooder
guided anti-aircraft weapons
Ikara anti-submarine torpedo/missile system
furniture castors
sound-proof windows
beamed radar
snail killer
modern milking machine
tubular sheet metal
periscope rifle
Totalisator betting system
processes for extracting precious metals:
Lister’s zinc/lead process
bromocyanide process for extracting gold
water meter (direct measurement)
spun concrete pipe
exploding bullets
automatic lid for jugs
superefficient solar cell
optically variable plastic banknotes
superlightweight fabrics
superlightweight composite machine parts
are earth supermagnet motors
3D prototyping

Have a top week buddy

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