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Originally posted by ThisOldHouse:
I’m not a plumber, and I don’t play one on TV or the internet.

Given that, here’s what I think…

A plumber doesn’t have to inspect the PRV to know it’s bad. The fact that your water pressure is at 110psi tells him so.

Based on my recent experience with PRVs… I just bought one… they can be rebuilt. Mine came with an exploded diagram of the valve, including parts I’d find in a repair kit (purchased separately) and instructions for repairing it.

For the price, though, I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t just replace it with a new one. They’re not complex, but any mistake in the disassembly or assembly could result in death, disability, severe burns or damage to your property when the system leaks or, worse, doesn’t reduce the pressure as you have intended and causes something to blow.

Less dramatic damage can happen to your pipes, appliances and faucets.

The disclaimer again: I’m not trained as a plumber, so my or any advice you receive on this site is based on opinion and should be verfied by a Licensed Master Plumber who can visually inspect your particular installation and is familiar with the laws and building codes for your area.

I’ll step aside now and let the real pros answer.
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I think your answer was one of the most professional answers I have ever read on this list BAR NONE.

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