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Originally posted by Wallingford Plm+Htg:
If you have a crack in a cast iron drain line it wont be your last.These quick fix products should only be used to buy some time until a plumber can replace the bad line.Anyone suggesting that these products will give you lasting results must have stock in the company.

WOW a real GENIUS has spoken

I guess the 36″ CAST IRON Strom line I welded over 20 years go should have been replaced because of a split.

YUP I must own stock in the welding rod manufacturer (union carbide)

The Black and White I used to repair radiators are still in service 26+ years of continuing service BUT of course these 37 section CEILING rads should be taken down from a land mark building as wall HTG said it wont last.

Amazing no formal education in heating or welding or plumbing and this guy gives advice.

A properly welded joint will out last the base metal.

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